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A Cavalier’s Quick Introduction to Trupanion

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Our family is sold on Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, so when it was time to get a new puppy, we knew it had to be a Cavalier. Their melting expressions, loving and playful dispositions, and desire to simply be with you are a perfect fit for our family. In November we brought 12-week-old Harry home to our three teenage daughters.

Because our 10-year-old Cavalier, Charlie, has dealt with allergies, our vet suggested we get insurance for Harry, something we’d never even known existed. She recommended Trupanion, so we signed up at Harry’s first checkup, not knowing how soon we would need it.

Harry quickly lived up to the “life-in-the-fast-lane” reputation of his namesake, Prince Harry. One Sunday morning, Harry got one of those “sudden bursts of energy” all dog-owners are familiar with. Harry darted out of the room, charged up three stairs, turned around and jumped, landing awkwardly with a yelp. We realized immediately that we’d be making a trip to the Emergency Vet. X-rays showed Harry had fractured his elbow in two places at the growth plate. He would need surgery to put in pins and screws for stabilization. While there was no question we’d go ahead with the treatment, the several-thousand-dollar cost definitely called for a deep breath, and the holidays were approaching!

The surgery was successful and Harry is back to his happy-go-lucky-self. The peace of mind we had from knowing Trupanion would stand behind their promises (despite us being within the 30 day free trial period) allowed us to focus on Harry and his recovery without financial stress. We are extremely happy with the company and the kindness its representatives exhibited throughout our experience. We recommend Trupanion to anyone with a new pet.

Julie and Ben D.

Austin, Texas

Enrolled: November 2013
Condition: Fractured Elbow
Total Paid: $2,005.66


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Harry - Kim Cannan - Image 3

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