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Disease Disrupts Dog’s Love of Food

Halo - Michelle Rosen - Image 1We adopted Halo from Guiding Eyes for the Blind almost four years ago. Right away, she became our angel. She was so sweet and extremely obedient. She loved her food but if you didn’t tell her that it was okay to eat (she was trained to wait), she would just sit there looking sad. What willpower!

Imagine our concern when our healthy, food-loving yellow Labrador started avoiding food last September. We tried to coax her and she seemed hungry but sometimes she would not eat for up to two days. She seemed depressed and lethargic. Who wouldn’t be? We brought her to two wonderful veterinarians at Natick Animal Clinic and IVG Metrowest, Dr. Andrea Moolenbeek and Dr. Marie Chartier, who carefully did a workup and figured out that Halo has inflammatory bowel disease.

In the past few months, Halo has had many office visits, blood tests, an ultrasound and an endoscopy. She has also needed a whole array of medications including steroids, antibiotics, anti-ulcer and anti-nausea medications. Not to mention a whole new diet of prescription food.

Thanks to Trupanion, we have been able to provide Halo with everything she needs. Halo is doing much better and maintaining her weight. We have been so impressed with Trupanion! Once we met our deductible, they covered 90% of expenses. Unlike too many medical insurance companies for humans, Trupanion always sends us reimbursements swiftly and without fuss.

We are very grateful to the folks at Trupanion. They really care and we feel like Trupanion is a partner in Halo’s care team. Thanks to Trupanion for being such a ‘true companion’ to our Halo!


Weston, Massachusetts

Enrolled:April 2013
Condition: Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Total Paid: $3,302.05

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