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A Lifelong Commitment to a Loved One

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If you are thinking of adopting a pet, remember this is long-term commitment and your pet becomes a part of your family.  I highly recommend Trupanion Insurance for your pet.

We have had other pets before and spent a fortune on their care. When we brought home our yellow lab puppy, Bella, she seemed very healthy.  My daughter and our veterinarian at Westside Animal Hospital advised us to get the insurance. We are so glad we did.

Bella was fine until she was about 9 months old.  We noticed she was having trouble with her back legs.  She was diagnosed with bilateral medial patellar luxation, which meant her kneecaps on both back legs would pop out of place, causing her a tremendous amount of pain.  We had to wait until she was a year old before we could start with the surgeries.

She had two surgeries on each knee and needed several weeks of recovery.  No running, jumping or playing, and no stairs.  Anyone who has ever had a lab puppy will know how hard it was to keep her quiet.

The x-rays, surgeries, medications and check-up visits to our veterinarian totaled over $10,000 and Trupanion paid 90%.  Without Trupanion, we don’t know how we would have paid for Bella’s treatment.

She is now a happy, healthy four-year-old dog, running, jumping and playing.   Trupanion is still helping us by covering 50% of her diet food costs and 90% of her special vitamins for her knees.

Thanks to Trupanion for all they are doing for Bella.

Lynda S.

Toronto, Ontario

Enrolled: May 2011
Condition: Dislocating Kneecaps
Total Paid: $10,500.45

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