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Star-Spangled Pet Names

Lincoln, the golden retriever, works at Trupanion.
Lincoln, the golden retriever, works at Trupanion.

In the spirit of Independence Day, Trupanion looked into its database of insured pets to see what patriotic names have made an impression on dog and cat owners across the U.S.

Patriotism has influenced the names of a number of cats and dogs across the nation and the founding fathers have had an especially influential impact. Among the top seven names inspired by the founding fathers, Madison was highly represented with 57% of the share. However, no pets were named James Madison. Franklin was a close second, with 31%, including two cats and three dogs named “Benjamin Franklin.”

George Washington is the namesake for just 1%, with an additional four named Washington. Jefferson held 4%, with two cats named “Thomas Jefferson” and “Thomas Jefferson Jr.”

There was a handful of Hancock’s and even a mastiff named Adams.

Top Seven Pet Names Inspired by Founding Fathers

  1. Madison
  2. Franklin
  3. Hamilton
  4. Jefferson
  5. Washington
  6. Hancock
  7. Adams

And while she isn’t a founding “father,” Betsy was represented 81 times. Betsy Ross may have been the inspiration for a few of those cats and dogs.

Just as patriotic, pet owners across the U.S. named their dogs and cats America, Patriot, Fireworks, Flag, and Eagle.

Important figures in U.S. history have made their mark on the Trupanion headquarters as well. Under the Trupanion roof, Teddy Roosevelt, a mixed breed, and Lincoln, a golden retriever pictured here, work side by side.

This Independence day, have your pet show some patriotism through a red, white, or blue bandana, or if you’re thinking of a name for your new pet, perhaps consider something inspired by the fourth.


Teddy Roosevelt also works at Trupanion.
Teddy Roosevelt also works at Trupanion.

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