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Thanking Her Lucky Stars

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Trupanion is an awesome company! Their service is outstanding on turnaround time for claims submitted and the personal touch of checking in to see how your pet is recovering.

I thank my lucky stars for so many reasons, from Kings Mountain Animal Clinic for outstanding care and endorsing the insurance to Carolina Veterinary Services for the surgery and unbeatable care they provided for Dillon. Last but not least, to Trupanion for making it all possible to get the care he needed.

Thank you Trupanion! I would recommend your insurance to anyone. You are a life saver in my book!


Stanleytown, Virginia

Enrolled: April 2014
Condition: Kneecap Fracture
Total Paid: $2,233.76

About Kathryn @

Kathryn works at Trupanion alongside her little sidekick, a rescued Papillion mix named Modie. She loves all animals big and small but is a dog enthusiast at heart. By the third grade, she had memorized every dog breed and their characteristics and dreamed of being an agility dog trainer or the next Steve Irwin. When not at Trupanion, Kathryn spends her time playing soccer, baking cookies, and exploring the Pacific Northwest with her little sidekick.

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