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Choosing the Best Surgery

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Our experience with Trupanion was a pleasant one. Carabella Diamond (“Bella”) tore her ACL in her right back leg while playing with our daughter. We took Bella to our regular veterinarian for observation.

After a diagnosis, we were faced with an expensive decision. We notified Trupanion of Bella’s situation and they explained that both of the surgeries that were recommended to us were covered under the plan and that we could receive pre-approval for either surgery we decided to choose. It was a relief to know that the cost of the surgery was no longer an issue and we only had to decide which surgery would be best for Bella.

After the surgery we were promptly reimbursed 90% of the costs associated with the surgery. We have recently received full recovery status from our veterinarian regarding Bella’s ACL surgery and we were glad the cost of the operation did not influence what was best for our Bella.

Patrick F.

Greensboro, North Carolina

Enrolled: June 2009
Condition: ACL Tear
Total Paid: $1,669.52

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