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Getting Back Into The Field

Hunter - Leslie Metcalf - Image 1 (small)When we got our first dog we would never have imagined purchasing insurance for our pet. Unfortunately, we incurred close to $10,000 out of pocket in the ten years we had our sweet Jack. When he passed in 2011 we knew we wanted another puppy. When I took our new Brittany spaniel puppy, Hunter, to the vet I enrolled him with Trupanion.

A year later, Hunter was chasing another dog and ran full blast into a wooden fence. The impact caused his hip bone to come out entirely. I was in complete disbelief that this was happening and that our energetic Brittany who was a trained hunting dog may never run or hunt again.

When I called Trupanion, I was pleasantly shocked at how responsive they were to our call. The representative was personal and truly cared, asking questions about Hunter and talking us through our coverage.

Hunter’s injury would require an initial deductible, but after that his leg was fully covered. The first surgery did not take and his hip popped out again. The second and third surgery were all covered without another deductible. After completing surgery, it was apparent that his leg would not be the same and hunting might not happen again. They recommended rehabilitation but the cost was overwhelming. When I called Trupanion, I couldn’t believe his rehabilitation costs would be covered too.

I am happy to say that one year later, Hunter is doing better than I could have imagined. The financial support from Trupanion allowed us to pick the best surgeons and rehabilitation services for Hunter. We are truly thankful to Trupanion for their financial support and their genuine care for Hunter! He is back up and running, four to eight miles a day, and back to the one thing he loves, bird hunting!

Carol R.

Jamestown, North Carolina

Enrolled: January 2012
Condition: Dislocated Hip
Total Paid: $3,744.02

About Kathryn @

Kathryn works at Trupanion alongside her little sidekick, a rescued Papillion mix named Modie. She loves all animals big and small but is a dog enthusiast at heart. By the third grade, she had memorized every dog breed and their characteristics and dreamed of being an agility dog trainer or the next Steve Irwin. When not at Trupanion, Kathryn spends her time playing soccer, baking cookies, and exploring the Pacific Northwest with her little sidekick.

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