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Knowing From The Start

Winnie - XXX - Image 1Tom and I are so thankful to Trupanion for covering the multiple surgeries Winnie has had.  We knew when we got Winnie, she could have health issues related to her breed – an English bulldog.  One look at her as a puppy and we knew that she was meant to be ours.  We looked into pet insurance and decided to go with Trupanion after reading some of the testimonials.  We have not regretted our decision.

Winnie needed surgery at 8 months to remove some carpet fiber wrapped around her intestines.  She was your typical puppy, one who wanted to chew everything she could get her teeth on!  She recovered beautifully and you would hardly notice the scar on her stomach.

More recently, Winnie had to have surgery on both eyes for entropion.  She had been suffering with the constant irritation of her eyelashes rubbing against her corneas, which led to her developing an ulcer on one cornea.  After surgery, she had to wear the “cone of shame” for 14 days, but it was worth it.  As you can see, Winnie’s eyes are looking fabulous!

Thanks, Trupanion.

Helen H.

Philadelphia, PA

Enrolled: August, 2012
Condition: Foreign Body Ingestion, Eyelid Disorder
Total Paid: $5,888.76

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