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Tips to Keep Dogs Seen and Safe at Night

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In a perfect world, we’d all be able to take our best furry friends out for a jaunt in the park in the middle of the day. However, how many more of us trudge back from our regular 9-5 or later, just in time to catch a quick walk just as the sun was setting? In fact, as extremely advisable as it is to take your pets out for their daily exercise, it’s a pure fact that nighttime is the most dangerous time to be outside, simply due to the propensity of car accidents or worse. Even if you’re wearing a reflector or a bike light, your dog might be even less visible.

Take the time and effort to programmatically keep your best friend safe, as some small changes could really turn out to save their life!

1. Keep your dog close – Always keep your dog within your line of sight. One good way of doing that is to make sure he is on the right leash. Not that it’s recommended to have your pup on too long of a leash during the daytime, but at least you can still see him. However, now that you’re under cover of darkness, too long a leash and he can easily bound away outside your line of supervision. Therefore, always use the right leash in accordance to your dog’s weight. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Stunt Puppy Hands- Free Dog Leash
  • The Walkie No-Pull Leash and Harness
  • Four Paws Nite Brite Reflecting Leash

2. ID tags – Also, something else that’s so elementary but bears repeating: always make sure your dog has their ID tags affixed to their collars just in case, by a series of unfortunate events, you and your loved one become separated.

3. Wear bright colors to be seen – You can always also try to wear bright colors that would easily be seen in passing lights, such as orange, yellow, and red, as well as your dog, if you dress them up (especially when the weather gets colder).

4. Practice recall, bring a whistle – Another thing that would be more directed for the more well-trained pups out there: if you have a whistle that your dog responds well to it, then bring it along! Be smart about your nighttime walks too–obviously, just because one area looks decent during the day, doesn’t mean it will be once the sun goes down. Walk along on routes that are known to be safe and free of suspicious characters and/or other potentially harmful nighttime critters.

5. Help your dog to be seen at night – And if you really want to amp up your night walking protective checklist? Get some amazingly awesome lights for you and your dog. Try the ones of the best LED pet collars on the market that is fully rechargeable via USB. Flashlights are good and all, but a Halo Mini LED Collar 360 view of visibility? Sign. Us. Up.

To review:

  1. Pick the best length leash for your pup to ensure that they’re safely within your field of vision.
  2. Always have their ID tags on them before you go on a walk.
  3. Wear bright colors at night–you and your best friend.
  4. If your dog responds well to a whistle, then bring it along.
  5. Use basic common sense with your choice of walking path once the sun sets, especially with regards to strangers and other nighttime animals.
  6. Not only bring a light, but bring a Tron-like reflective fiber optic one to ensure that you’ll have optimal illuminated visibility.

These aren’t radical or life-changing things, just small habits that are easy enough to implement into your everyday routine. And really, aren’t these worth it to ensure the longevity and protection of your best buddy?

Article written by Sabrina Chun.

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