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Trupanion Reviews – Week of 8/15

My vet office submitted my claim maybe 5 hours ago, a Saturday night, and I’ve already got a response! You guys are awesome. Covered more than I thought you would, too! -Jessica W.

Dexter and his best buddy

Thanks @Trupanion for covering my #HilarysBlend supplement! -@albieborden

Vet reminded me I have @Trupanion #petinsurance! will make Daphne’s care easier in at least 1 way! #relief #lovemydog pic.twitter.com/KFlLZ5P3O5 -@TeresaRhyne



The best way to #Ilovemypet #petlover is to have a @Trupanion insurance. the best #PetIinsurance that make they a #Happytail -Ladynorian

Buddy saids thank you Trupanion for helping my parents with my vet bills. U guys r the best! -Gail M.



We continue to be so pleased with the services provided by Trupanion. Our Tessa (an American Mastiff) if 4 years old and the center of our lives. With such a large dog, even minor medical care can be expensive. Trupanion is the best investment we have made. Carol & Vincent



I can’t express how great Trupanion is! We have such a story to share about our little Scarlet (female Boston). We had 2 medical incidents- totally unrelated over the past 2 years and both were totally hassle free claims. I just had to post today out of sheer appreciation and amazement for this company who sent a note indicating our Premium was NOT going up. I am a Raving Fan of Trupanion and will do all I can to spread the word about how wonderful this company is to work with!! -Christine M.

The biggest THANKS I can send from our home to all of you at Trupanion. I just received word that our dog Penny’s surgery was approved. This doggie momma cant wait to see her sweet penny feel better and back to her own frolicking ways. And her sister Pippa says thank u too -Antonia D.

Penny and Pippa

Penny and Pippa

I am so pleased when a client tells me they have Trupanion insurance for their pet. You give them the opportunity to make good choices for the pet’s cancer, not decisions just based on cost. Thank you!! -Dr Sue Cancer Vet

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