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An Unlucky Pup Shares His Story

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Hi, I’m Jac, a 10-month-old Goldendoodle. My mom and dad wanted me and love me so much. When they brought me home at 8 weeks old, they got me Trupanion. Wow, were they smart.

When I was 17 weeks old, I got a parasite that almost killed me. But thanks to my fabulous veterinarian, Trupanion, and a long stay in hospital, I am as good as ever.

Mom took me to our local dog park a few weeks ago, and a mean dog named Leroy hurt me really, really bad. Again, mom rushed me to the hospital and they sewed me back together again.

Trust me, no more trips to dog parks in my near future, if ever!  My parents are so very grateful to Trupanion and all the wonderful people that work for them. They are honest, polite, and always pay for my boo boo’s in an extremely timely manner.  Truly the best insurance company ever. Thank you for taking such good care of me.

Moorpark, California

Enrolled: September 2013
Condition:Parasites, Attacked by Dog, and Hip Dysplasia
Total Paid: $8,795.26

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