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Vote for Xena the Warrior Puppy!

Xena 2

Meet Xena the Warrior Puppy. She is a finalist in the 2014 Hero Dog Awards who has impacted many with her amazing story.

On September 15, 2012, Xena was brought into DeKalb Animal Services in a state of horrible neglect. She was found abandoned on the side of the road and given a one percent chance at survival.

Remarkably, Xena defied the odds and was nursed back to health. Shortly after her recovery, she met Jonny Hickey, a young boy with autism.


Xena Collage


Before Jonny met Xena, he was very quiet, withdrawn, and preferred his own space. Autism had made it difficult for Jonny to interact with others, leaving him isolated and silent most of the time.

When the Hickey family adopted Xena in March, Jonny’s life dramatically changed for the better. Since day one, their friendship has been a constant source of comfort to Jonny.


Now, Jonny is a constant chatterbox at home, playing with Xena and even singing to her! Together they are raising awareness about animal cruelty, the kindness and gentleness of pit bulls, autism, and that shelter animals make great best friends.

 Who Rescued Who

Click here to vote for Xena in this year’s competition!  Trupanion is sponsoring her category, the Emerging Hero Dogs. If she wins, she will secure an additional $5,000 to help other animals in need!

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