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7 Pets Stuck in Couches

Dogs and cats love a nice, soft cushion, and sometimes their pet bed just doesn’t cut it. The sofa is a great place to cuddle up with their human (or sprawl out so the humans have nowhere to sit) but when it gets cold, they may need to improvise. These seven dogs and cats got cozy between the couch cushions– we’re just not sure if they know how to get out!
cat stuck in couch

Image via: hypocritical_crane

dog stuck in couch

“My dog fell backwards and got stuck when she tried to jump up to greet me on the couch, this was the result…”

Image via: imgur

dog stuck in couch

Image via: Evelyn Paula Gibson

cat stuck in couch

Image via: catfoto.com

two cats cuddling in couch

Image via: Willingness To Growdog stuck in couchSource: unknown

cat upside down in couch

Source: unknown

Has  your dog or cat ever gotten stuck in the couch? (Injury-free, we hope!)

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