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A Full-Speed Comeback

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Our children moved out a while ago so we adopted new ones, Bruno and Bella, our chocolate labs. They became irreplaceable. Bella could have been a competitor in dock jumping competitions, where the dog runs the length of a pier and jumps for a baton and they measure it…her enthusiasm is incredible. She doesn’t have an energy dial, it’s on full blast or off.  Consequently she has torn both ACLs and had one meniscus repair.

She’s been a trooper during her recent double-surgery recovery and she can’t wait to get out and run and swim. If not for the folks at Trupanion, she may have been left with very limited mobility, which would’ve been heartbreaking for a dog with her spirit. Bella is on her way to a full comeback and even though she doesn’t know who Trupanion is, she knows she can run again. Thank Trupanion for being one of the few insurance companies that does what it says.

Sandy, Paul, and Bella B.

Mansfield, Massachusetts

Enrolled: February 2012
Condition: Torn Knee Ligaments
Total Paid: $10,312.80

Bella - Michelle Rosen - Image 1

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