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Living a Long, Healthy, Active Life

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“Our dog Noah is extremely special to our family.

Being in a very active family, and loving playing with other dogs, Noah has had quite a few incidences where he has unfortunately been bitten by other dogs at the park and needed stitches to sew up his skin. Poor guy!

Noah has also had a few lumps on his body that needed to be removed and tested to see what they were. Thankfully, nothing came back as cancerous and he is still a very healthy, happy boy!

With Trupanion we have peace of mind knowing we can help our amazing dog Noah to live the longest, healthiest life possible! We love Trupanion Express, which allows Trupanion to process our bill at the clinic right away.

Thank you so much Trupanion for being so amazing!”

Amanda R. and family


Carstairs, Alberta

Enrolled: February 2011
Condition: Mass Removals and Dog Bites
Total Paid: $1,439.11

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