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A Mystery Illness Strikes

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Lottie was 6 months old when we found her sick one Sunday morning. She woke us up earlier than usual, whimpering in another room. She had vomited and was curled up on the floor, unwilling to move. She wouldn’t eat, drink, take treats, or respond to our calls. We waited a few hours, thinking maybe she just ate something her stomach didn’t agree with.

After speaking to a technician at the Eastern Iowa Veterinary Specialty Center, we decided to take her in for evaluation. Lottie had a fever and her liver enzymes were off the chart.  Lottie’s liver was inflamed, and she was diagnosed with acute hepatitis. Lottie was hospitalized for three days. She received antibiotics and fluids intravenously. The veterinarian ruled out congenital defects and bacterial illness. We had no evidence that she ate something toxic.  The cause of Lottie’s illness was and continues to be a mystery.

Fortunately, we enrolled Lottie with Trupanion the first week we brought her home.  When we considered getting a puppy, we debated the necessity of pet insurance. In the end, we decided to enroll. As a member of our family, we didn’t want to make a tough decision to provide life-saving care for Lottie based upon financial constraints. We reviewed three insurance providers recommended by our veterinarian at The Family Pet Veterinary Clinic and chose Trupanion based upon the coverage, affordability, and overall positive reviews.

Over the course of her hospitalization, Lottie regained her appetite and energy. We were overjoyed as her personality returned and she charmed the veterinarians with her wiggling and wagging. She has since recovered fully. Lottie’s claims were easy to file and our reimbursement checks arrived quickly. When we had questions, Trupanion’s customer service representatives were sincere, polite, and professional.  We couldn’t be happier with Trupanion.

Margaret C.

Iowa City, Iowa

Enrolled: July 2013
Condition: Vomiting, Acute Liver Injury, Unknown Cause
Total Paid: $1,620.95


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