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Owner Holds the Ability to Help Her Pup Walk Again

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“We rescued our pug mix, Punkie, when she was just a one year old. She appeared healthy, but we bought a Trupanion policy just to be on the safe side.

Seven months later, we woke to find that she was unable to walk. We took her to the Tufts University Foster Hospital for Small Animals for emergency care. By Monday morning she was in surgery for a slipped disc, and soon after was well on her way to recovery. Without our policy, none of that would have been possible. My husband and I are both disabled and retired early as a result.

Almost two years later, Punkie started limping and wanted to cut her walks short. We decided to schedule an appointment. When we saw the covering neurosurgeon, she informed us Punkie was experiencing a gradual development of the same condition, and this time things were even more complicated. We would have to confine Punkie until the more experienced neurosurgeon returned from his trip out of the country.

I was in touch with Michelle Rosen, the Territory Partner for New England, as soon as we were home. She assured me that we were covered. She gave me the Seattle office number to go through the pre-approval process and we scheduled surgery. While waiting for the surgery, Punkie lost the ability to walk, the ability to wag her tail, and control of her bladder and bowels.

Now Punkie is walking and wagging again and in complete control of elimination. She never wagged in the first year we had her, and we didn’t know why. We were thrilled to finally see it. There is no way to thank Trupanion enough for being there for our family except to say that we will never have an animal in our family without Trupanion!”

Betty M.

Worcester, Massachusetts
Enrolled: June 2011
Condition: Slipped Disc
Total Paid: $6,724.50


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