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Receiving Care the Moment it’s Needed

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I noticed Sirius, my 1 year old chocolate lab, started limping fairly regularly on his left hind leg in early May.  Knowing what the symptoms of a “medial patella luxation” from six months prior when Sirius hurt his other leg, I knew this was not going to be an easy summer.

I called my veterinarian at Hoffman Animal Hospital and took him in for an exam. During the exam, the knee cap actually popped out of place and the veterinarian showed me how to manually put it back.  I was referred to surgery as soon as I could get him in. Dr. Burgess of Chesapeake Veterinary Surgical Specialists did the first surgery on Sirius’ other knee so I called him for a consultation.  He confirmed the knee needed to be repaired as soon as possible.  Sirius went into surgery the following day.

Recovery is very long for a puppy in the summer. He knows how to get out of the cone and had to be closely monitored for the two weeks post-surgery. Three cones later he got his staples out. He is on the long road to recovery now with physical therapy and starting slow walks. He hates being restricted from playing, but seems to be doing very well.

I filed my claim with Trupanion and it was received and processed within a matter of days. They reimbursed the full 90% of surgery expenses. The benefit of having insurance has really helped, especially after two surgeries in six months. If Sirius did not have surgery as soon as symptoms showed up, there was a risk for major pain and long term effects like arthritis.  Having insurance made it an easy decision and something I wasn’t burdened with financially.


Annapolis, Maryland

Enrolled: March 2013
Condition: Bilateral Luxating Patella
Total Paid: $4,696.21

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