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Remembering Takara: Compassionate Care Through the End

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Thanks to Trupanion and our veterinarian we were able to take the best loving and financial care of our sweet Rottweiler, Takara and recover 90% of our costs as well. It is a wonderful company. They work hand-in-hand with the veterinarian’s office and are very cooperative.

My sweet Takara was diagnosed at two years old with hypothyroidism. Her blood had to be tested every few months to make sure her thyroid was working properly with the medication. Trupanion paid 90% of her blood work, diagnostic tests, and medication.

She also had hip dysplasia, ear infections, and other medical concerns that needed diagnostic tests as well, which again were covered 90% for all tests and medications. They paid 50% for her new food as advised by her veterinarian.
She was diagnosed with cancer and Trupanion paid 90% for her x-rays, diagnostic tests, and blood work. And after her grave prognosis, they also covered her euthanasia. The insurance helped us immensely to take care of her until she went over the rainbow bridge.

Throughout Takara’s entire eight years, Trupanion was very personable, helpful, and compassionate. They sent us an email and a sympathy card with their regrets.

Our expenses were well into the thousands over the years, and all our payments were always received in good time.

We have kept Trupanion for our two Dachshunds. They are a terrific insurance company to have and are always available to speak with a very compassionate, sympathetic, friendly and understanding ear.

Thank you, Trupanion.

Teresa & Jim

Toronto, Ontario

Enrolled: July 2005
Condition:Hypothyroidism, Hip Dysplasia, Ear Infections, Arthritis, Cancer
Total Paid: $9,060.93

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