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Trupanion Reviews – Week of 9/19

I’m so grateful for this insurance, someone throw a can of poison in our yard, and my performance puppy ate it, and had to have ER surgery. They covered way more then I thought they would have, even with us only being on the plan for 2 months. Thank you, Thank you, Thanks you! Nitro is doing awesome, and hopefully will be in the obedience show ring in a few months! -Karen B.

Trupanion helped us make some pretty tough decisions this past week when we had to see a neurologist with our golden retriever. I cannot even begin to thank them for all the help they gave us at a very difficult time. They made sure to pre-authorize procedures for us within a few hours instead of days so that our dog could get the care she needed as soon as possible. I will recommend this company to everyone we meet. You exceeded our expectations and treated us so kindly while we were going through a very tough time and I am so thankful for that. -Lynne L.

two golden retriever dogs

I just want the world to know how great Trupanion Pet Insurance is. I researched a lot of insurances when I was looking for one for our dogs. Well over 12 weeks ago our golden retriever, Gracie, was limping and only tapping her back foot. We took her to our vet who thought she might have a torn cruciate ligament. Sent us to a surgeon to get a definite diagnosis. It turned out that’s what it was and we were quoted a price of over $4,000. Thankfully we had Trupanion Insurance for our dogs. We had an out of pocket of $500 for our deductible and then only 10% of the balance. We had to take Gracie back in 6 weeks and 12 weeks for x-rays and Trupanion again covered all the bill except for 10%. Thank you so much for being there for our dogs. I know we would not have been able to have the surgery done had it not been for insurance. Gracie was released from the doctor today and the implant they put in will last her the rest of her life. THANK YOU. Ruthann and Gene S.

Trupanion has been exceptional and I’m so glad that I decided to purchase this coverage. My dog had an emergency MRI recently and Trupanion approved the claim overnight so that I knew for certain my out of pocket cost and could proceed with the procedure. They process my claims within only a few days and communicate clearly and quickly. I highly recommend Trupanion. -Reiko F.

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