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Trupanion Reviews – Week of 9/26

So glad we took our insurance with your comoany. It has been a true blessing for us and our husky. That you for such friendly efficient service!! -Leigh S.

I’m just have to say this: If you have pets, get pet insurance. It’s a lifesaver–as my cat Winter can attest. Thank you @Trupanion! -@AndrewCouts

Thank you, Trupanion. I lost my best boy to cancer a week ago today. Nothing will ever make up for the loss, but your quick handling of the claims was impressive and meant that I could give him the best care possible in his last two weeks. -Lexy G.

I LOVE having Trupanion insurance for the dogs. In addition to invaluable peace of mind, the customer service is excellent and the plan is simple and I’ve never, ever been questioned about the care I’ve chosen for my furkids. Each month when I get a confirmation email that they have received my claim for the dogs’ acupuncture visits, I’m grateful and impressed. -Megan R.

I would be homeless if I did not have trupanion as my safety net!!!! -Nicolette S.

I tell everyone about Trupanion. Most of the people are under the impression that pet insurance doesn’t pay their claims. Public awareness needs to be improved. I love Trupanion and I want everyone to insure their pet. -Angie S.

My cat had somehow lost her left claw and over the next yr. the doc kept looking and giving her the same antibiotic, I saw a new vet in their office and she wanted to try a different medication. She did X-rays and took a sample from the paw and suggested a new med, which I could not give her because she’s a wiggle-worm and avoided me after the first time. The vet suggested I see the director of the Garden State Vetrinary Clinic in Tinton Falls, a man I have trusted over 40yrs with all my pets that had difficulties that were not routine. I did and he found a very rare feline problem in her foot. At this point I had spent $1400.00 and he also took biopsies and ruled out cancer. I gave him and out regular vet trupanion forms, which they filled out and within 2wks I received a check from trupanion and have since received emails asking about her and how she was doing. I can’t say anything else but they were efficient and cooperative throughout. -Alison C.

I too am thankful for Trupanion. -Adela D.

Trupanion is the best! Took Buddy to the Vet 4 days ago & the check is in the mail from Trupanion Pet Insurance…Unbelievable! Thank you for helping us take such good care of our Buddy! -Gail M.


I have a pug, who have a lot of random issues. Only a few months of getting her she ended up with an infection and my vet had to run a few different tests to find out what the problem was. She had to be put under, half day vet stay and also other diagnostic testing – they covered the 90% of the almost $700.00 bill, even things that I wasn’t sure if they would. They are so good, that I just registered my second pug today, only days after bringing her home. -Gracie P.

Buster arriving at the cottage, smiling big time, 15 weeks post TPLO surgery. Thank you Trupanion! The BEST pet insurance! -Donna G.


My big boy has been sick but I am so grateful to @Trupanion for their support and quick processing of claim. -@eldavey

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