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Finding a Little Help

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When my husband Sebastien and I bought a bulldog puppy, we were so grateful that we talked to friends who were also owners that shared with us the high costs of veterinary care required for this breed during their lifetime. We immediately started researching health insurance companies. Trupanion came out on top because it was easier to submit paperwork and more affordable.

We knew that we would need health insurance in order to be able to afford our new furry, four-legged friend, so we trusted Trupanion to help us. We enrolled in a monthly program at a reasonable rate that has allowed us to receive reimbursements for his various ailments, which has included some significant costs such as: reoccurring ear infections, tail fold surgery, and CCL surgery. Now he is only four years old and these costs would easily have been over $10,000 out of pocket. While we hope the worst of major surgeries are behind us, we know that it’s likely he will tear his other CCL and will face physical challenges as he ages. We are so relieved that we are able to give him the best care because of Trupanion. We want the best for our Charlie and being able to give him the best care has given us peace of mind. Thank you, Trupanion!

Jenn and Sebastien

Littleton, Massachusetts

Enrolled: December 2010
Condition: CCL Rupture, Tail Fold Infection, Ear Infections
Total Paid: $9,718.44

Charlie - Michelle Rosen - Image 3

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