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Lifelong Joint Problems For a Young Puppy

Ruby - David Rawlings - Image 1 (small)“Though I just recently enrolled my baby kitty Steve with Trupanion, my bigger story is that of my beloved dog Ruby. My sweet golden retriever/Newfoundland cross puppy that came into my life when she was 12 weeks old. I found her at a farm surrounded by her siblings, parents and horses! She immediately became part of my heart within only hours of meeting her. While I immediately enrolled her with Trupanion, I never imagined how much that policy would mean for the both of us.

I began to notice when she was around 5 months old, that Ruby would click as we were training. When she was spayed at 6 months I asked my vet to X-ray her. When I arrived to pick her up the vet brought me into a room and showed me what my little girl had been dealing with. She diagnosed Ruby with advanced hip dysplasia at only 6 months old! Immediately, we sought out orthopedic specialists at Canada West Veterinary Hospital, who told us that we would have to wait until her bones had fully matured. Once she had grown enough, Ruby was re-x-rayed only to find out her front legs had “joint mice” which are painful bone spurs in the front leg joints.

To make a long story short, my sweet Ruby has had multiple surgeries but still lives a very happy albeit slow life. She is my absolute joy, and I owe my continued time with her to Trupanion. Loving everyone she meets, Ruby is a happy, wonderful companion – and we owe it all to this company. Thank you with all my heart for everything you have done for Ruby.”

Jennifer J.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Enrolled: July 2009
Condition: Bilateral Hip Dysplasia, Cruciate Ligament Rupture, “Joint Mice,” and Arthritis
Total Paid: $13,139.27

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