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Taking a New Route

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My wife and I have been animal lovers and pet owners for many years. A couple of years ago, for the first time, we decided to adopt a miniature schnauzer instead of taking our traditional pedigree route. We named her Brie Marie and she was approximately 3 years old.  We felt blessed to have her as our new baby girl, and she bonded quickly to our family– Bert, our 12-year-old miniature schnauzer, my wife, and myself.

There was no question in our minds that Brie was going to be insured. The only decision we had to make was the insurer. My wife and I searched online for pet insurance without any prior knowledge, and all of them looked worthy.  It was only until we began to ask around, starting with Bert’s veterinarians at Hopkins Road Animal Hospital, that we were convinced the best choice, hands down, was Trupanion.

We never thought, or hoped, that we would ever have to use Brie’s policy, but felt it would give us a sense of security in case something were to happen. Since Bert’s passing, Brie has had two episodes of gastroenteritis. She received the best care on each occasion and is currently fully recovered. The claims process was simple, seamless, and we received consistent communication from Trupanion, keeping us informed as to where we were with each step.

We have been very pleased and would recommend Trupanion to each and every pet owner. We recently welcomed another miniature Schnauzer into our family, a 13-week-old male puppy. His name is Lilbroc and he has made himself at home, and into our hearts, and, of course, is insured with Trupanion. Trupanion has given us the freedom to enjoy living our lives without worrying about possible health issues or emergency situations. We are thankful to have Trupanion.

Larry C.

Kernersville, North Carolina

Enrolled: October 2013
Condition: Pancreatitis, Gastroenteritis
Total Paid: $1,526.16

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