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Top Ten Smartphone Apps for Dog Owners

Top Ten Smartphone Apps for Dog OwnersWe rely on smartphones for entertainment, education, lifestyle goals, and to help us complete simple daily tasks. It’s no surprise that now dog owners can use apps to make our lives easier as well. Here are ten great smartphone apps for you and your furry friend to enjoy:

  1. iClicker —Clicker training is a highly successful dog training method that works by rewarding the pup for good behavior. This app allows you to use these training methods right from your phone. It also includes training tutorials to help you use the features to get the most out of your training. Free for iPhone.

    Photo via iTunes
    Photo via iTunes
  1. MapMyDogwalk—Tracks any outdoor activities that you and your dog may encounter. The app gives you data such as distance, speed, time, calories burned, and route of your walk. You can even allow the app to give you motivation and update you throughout your adventure. This app is a fun way to help you and your dog stay in shape by exercising together! Free for iPhone and Android.
  2. Dog Whistler—Tired of using your mouth to call your dog? This app lets you choose between a variety of frequency sounds of whistles to help make training easy. It also allows you to have an alarm that can help stop an action. For example, if you want to stop your dog from sitting on the furniture, you can set an alarm that gets triggered by the motion of the dog jumping on the sofa to help train the dog to stay on the ground. Free for iPhone.
  3. iPottyTrain—Housebreaking your puppy is one of the first steps of training for a new dog owner. Track your puppy’s potty schedule and set reminders to help you remember to take your dog outside to do their business. This app can also track food intake and indoor accidents to best manage your dog’s bathroom schedule. $0.99 for iPhone.

    Photo via Google play
    Photo via Google play
  4. Spending on my dog—Managing a budget for your dog’s expenses can be a great way to monitor spending. Some cost categories that this app includes are veterinarian, food, toys, accessories, pet medical insurance, groomer, and the list goes on. The app can be viewed as a pie chart or exported as a spreadsheet to add to other expenses. $0.99 for Android.
  5. BringFido—Love to bring your dog with you wherever you go? This app is for you! BringFido lets you search for pet friendly restaurants, hotels, parks, beaches and other nearby places that allow pets. It gives you reviews, prices, and an overview of the pet policy so you know immediately know what you’re getting into. Free for iPhone.
  6. Puppy coach 101—An app that will help you teach your puppy to sit, drop it, come, and other common commands. It lets you keep track of your goals and provides instructional videos to guide you along the way. Your pup even gets a diploma when the goals are met! $2.99 for iPhone.
  7. Pet snap—Any dog owner that has tried taking photos of their dog knows it can be a bit of a tricky task to get the perfect photo. This app is designed to help get your dog’s attention using a sound right before you snap the picture. You have the option of recording a sound or choosing from a list. Some other features include the ability to zoom, add a frame, or review previous photos. $1.99 for iPhone.
  8. DogBook—Dogs can do social media too! Share photos, check-in at local parks, and find other furry friends in your social network. Free for iPhone.
  9. Dosecast—Medication reminder designed for both human and pets  that allows you to compile a list of medication, dosages, photos and other instructions (take with food, etc.) and set a reminder for each prescription. For those pets on strict medication schedules, this app could be very helpful! Available for iPhone and Android.

    Photo via iTunes
    Photo via iTunes
  10. iSqueek—A virtual squeak toy for all the tech-savvy dogs out there! The app allows you to choose from a selection of toys that you press and release just as you would an actual squeak toy. $1.99 for iPhone.

These are just a few apps can help dog owners with obedience, training, entertaining, and fitness. What apps do you and your furry friend use together?

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