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Biscuit’s Pet Insurance Story

There is one word that comes to mind when I think Trupanion.
We signed up Biscuit for Trupanion Insurance last September. We did so because we never wanted the decision to put her down to be based on money, but to be based on her quality of life She became ill at the April this year. She put up a courageous fight until September 8th. When we had to put her down due to elevated kidney counts. For 5 months Trupanion was there with us every step of the way. It didnt matter we were new policy holders. They paid what they said they would if we ever needed. They paid quickly. Quick enough to pay the credit card company when the bill came.
And in the end not only did the pay for the euthanasia. When I called they lent me a kind ear. The empathy on the other end of the phone meant the world to me when i was a having a difficult time dealing with our loss. Her kind words helped. We then received a hand written card expressing their sympathies. They very last check we received was for $9.00. It was for the unused portion of the month we didn’t use. We never would have expected and we never would have asked.
In keeping in step with the class and compassion that Trupanion shared with use we donated the euthanasia check and the $9.00 in Biscuit’s memory to a rescue organization for Pekingese.
We miss her every day. We thank Trupanion for giving us 5 additional months with Biscuit. Until her counts spiked they were a good 5 months.
I look forward to the day when we can do business together again, you can bet when we get our next dog we will have trupanion insurance.
Thank you
-Chris A.

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