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A Family Saved in Several Ways

“We adopted Kodiak in 2005 through a local rescue organization. He had a pretty hard life from what the folks at rescue could tell. For the first year Kodiak was in our care he wouldn’t let us hug him and he was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder.

Over the years he grew to trust us and revealed his sweet and loving personality. He was never happier than when we walked through the neighborhood—he could go for miles.

Although Kodiak had a tough life before we found him, he never had any health problems until he reached 11 years old. It was a hard year for our family because Kodiak was diagnosed with laryngeal paralysis and nearly died when his larynx swelled shut during the summer heat. This required several surgeries and cost $10,000 – money we needed to buy a new car.

Later that year we heard about Trupanion through our veterinarian Dr. Ray Bouloy at Cypress Creek Pet Care. We had been skeptical of pet insurance but Trupanion came highly recommended. We signed up all four of our dogs and our cat for policies. Then we started saving for a new car again.

Thank goodness we got Trupanion insurance! Early this year, Kodiak became ill again with what we thought was a brain tumor. After many tests and $3,500+ in vet bills we found out that Kodiak had a rare staph inner-ear infection that was causing him to lose balance and have seizure-like fits.

Our sweet Kodiak is getting great care and is improving every day. Without Trupanion we would be in a very compromised financial situation. Our only regret is that we didn’t get Trupanion a year ago because, had we done so, we might have been able to replace our old car. Thank you, Trupanion!”

Liz H.

Austin, Texas

Enrolled: November 2013
Condition: Severe Inner Ear Infection
Total Paid: $3, 171.56

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