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Guinness the Dane’s Pet Insurance Story

BeachOur Great Dane, Guinness, turned 1 on a Friday completely healthy (or so we thought!), and by Monday was in the ER needing blood transfusions, surgery, and barely clinging to life. That weekend he had been acting a little strange, very lethargic and didn’t have much of an appetite. On Monday he barked at a noise, as he always did, but this time collapsed out of exhaustion. We rushed him to some specialists nearby where they checked him over and quickly brought him to see the doctor. We were unaware of just how serious his condition was.

After a few hours passed we were told that his red blood cell count was at 14% and if healthy,  should be between 40-50%! He was internally bleeding to death, and they did not know why. He needed a blood transfusion immediately and needed to stay for several nights. The Dr. informed us he was amazed that Guinness was able to walk in on his own with such a low count and that many other dogs have died with a similar reading. We were in tears. Then came the price of all of this…$6000.00 up front. In a moment like that it’s hard to think about money when your best friend is suffering, but it’s a harsh reality. We knew that we had pet insurance, but we did not know the specifics of our policy. We quickly discovered just how amazing it was to have trupanion! We called and were told that 90% would be covered.

It has been 3 months, 2 surgeries, endless medications, and about $20,000.00 and through all of it, trupanion’s customer service has been stellar! Every person we’ve talked to whether on the phone, by email or by online chat has been absolutely amazing. Claims are processed within days, and we usually have our check within a week!

Guinness has been diagnosed with severe IBD (comparable to Crohn’s disease in humans) and it is a condition we can only control, not cure. He is on a special diet and will most likely be on medications for the rest of his life. We have peace of mind knowing that Trupanion will be there through it all!

Jennifer P.

Enrolled: February, 2014
Condition: Bilateral Hip Dysplasia, Allergic Reaction, Pneumonia, and Hair Thinning
Paid claim example (one of many!): $5,259.87



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