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Providing the Best Care for Family

Matilda - XXX - Image 6 “Matilda was born in December 2011 on our family couch to my step-daughter’s dogs. I was not in the market for a dog, but as Matilda grew, she decided that I belonged to her and literally fought off all the other pups from visiting me so that she could have me all to herself.

I took Matilda to the veterinarian and during the exam the veterinarian noticed that Matilda had a severe knee problem (Luxating Patella). In simple terms her knee was popping in and out of joint causing her to hop with her back legs instead of moving her legs normally.

The veterinarian said both knees needed to be repaired at some point, but the left side was more severe at that time than the right.

One of the first things I did was to purchase pet medical insurance for Matilda so that there would never be a thought of denying her care or treatment just because I couldn’t afford it. With pet insurance there was no more worry about affording expensive care for my little girl.  The simple fact is that dogs, like people, get sick and injured all the time. It is practically inevitable.

When the vet bill came in for Matilda’s first knee surgery I was extremely relieved that Trupanion came through for me and paid for 90% of Matilda’s surgery.  Now that Matilda’s other knee is severely symptomatic, I am comforted to know Trupanion is there for us to smooth the way and make it possible for Matilda to live and walk normally again. Matilda’s surgery date is coming up soon and most of the financial worry has evaporated because of the support Trupanion has given us through this difficult period.

Thank you, Trupanion!”

Dave M.

Victoria, British Columbia

Enrolled: April 2012
Condition: Luxating Patella
Total Paid: $6,670.81

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