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Trupanion Reviews – Week of 11/28

We love you ‪#‎Trupanion‬ more than you know.
Thank you for being a blessing to me and Cyndi. You have exceeded my expectations 10 fold. Ensuring my dog with you is one of the best decisions I’ve made my entire life. ‪#‎Truth‬ -Jonathan P.

Hi, my name is Samson but they call me Sammy…I know, people say I look like Boo but I think I’m cuter. I only weigh 4 lbs! I haven’t been feeling well lately cause I have Neutropenia but my Mom and Dad got help for me as soon as possible and now I’m doing much better. My Mom & Dad bought my health insurance just before I got sick so they could not claim my expenses because they were still in their 30 day waiting period. Be sure you get Trumanion as soon as you get a pet.

I can rest easy with your excellent insurance! -Karen S.

You guys are the best, thanks for taking such great care of my pooch!! -Michelle D.

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