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Trupanion Reviews – Week of 11/7

We don’t do much these days. I snuggle mom lots because something hurts and I’m not sure why….but momma keeps snuggling me and telling me it’ll all be fixed and I’ll feel better soon. Thanks trupanion for being there for my baby girl….TPLO surgery in a couple weeks -Julz T.

Just had my first support call with @Trupanion. What a great experience! I was on hold less than 10 seconds, and the rep was very helpful. -@jbruybal

SO happy with Trupanion! We had a very bad scare last week — it looked like bloat, which is scary under the best of circumstances, and even worse when you’ve got a 13-year-old dog. I worried that we wouldn’t be coming home from the ER, but thankfully, it turned out not to be bloat. However, the vet bill for this one day was a whopping $2,300! Thankfully, we have insurance, and Trupanion has come through again — the check was in the mail less than a week after the incident. I had pet insurance years ago with another company, and we found that company to be so dishonest, we didn’t consider pet insurance again for years. But Trupanion has lived up to our expectations, and the recommendations of friends — they pay what they’re supposed to, in a timely fashion, and don’t seem to be constantly looking for reasons not to pay. The people we’ve dealt with have been helpful, compassionate and lovely. We could not be more pleased with them!!! -Janice C.

Trupanion is the best. Insuring Kapri, my 3 year old Sheltie, Trupanion helped save her life -J.M.F.

Thanks @Trupanion for always being there for our insured clients and employee pets! You guys are wonderful to work with. #petinsurance #pets -@RandhurstAH

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