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A Giant Dog with Big Problems

Georgie - XXX - Image 3“At six months old when our beloved Georgie couldn’t walk, we thought she was just a rambunctious puppy who pulled a muscle. We took her to the veterinarian and the results were staggering, both hips were completely displaced. She was too young for surgery so we started her on pain management until it was time.

At 3 years old, Georgie started limping. We met with orthopedic specialists. The team of surgeons agreed that Georgie needed two new hips. The veterinary hospital sent Trupanion a pre-authorization form for the entire surgery and it was approved immediately. What a relief!

Everything about Georgie was complicated- her bone structure, her muscles, her joints. It took two surgery teams to get the job done. During recovery Georgie developed a severe bacterial infection in her leg and the prosthetic hip had subsided into her femur. The hip implant had to be removed and another surgery cemented the hip in place so it wouldn’t slip again.

Trupanion was still covering everything at 90%. She was in the hospital another week as a precaution and came home and had to be crated for four more weeks. A few weeks in, Georgie dislocated her hip. The surgery team had to fracture her femur to remove the cemented implant. Her broken leg was put back together with wire and the end result was a femoral head osteotomy.

Georgie has unfortunately had more medical issues and numerous traumas since last spring, but the most important point in all of this is that Trupanion has been there for us through it all. Without Trupanion’s exceptional coverage, Georgie would have had to be put down. There is no way our family could afford the tens of thousands of dollars our beloved dog has cost us. While she will continue to have medical issues for the rest of her short life, we know we will always be able to count on Trupanion when we need them.”

Rachel C.

San Diego, California

Enrolled: July 2010
Condition: Hip Dysplasia, UTIs, Otitis, Pyoderma, Coccidia, and Bilateral Entropion
Total Paid: $48,383.37

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