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Giving a Small Dog a Chance

Lacey - Scott Sterbenz - Image 1“We lost our 15-year-old Border Collie/German Shorthair mix over five years ago. After years of an empty household we decided it was long enough. We looked, trying to find a puppy both my wife and I could agree upon. Never having owned a dog weighing under 50 lbs, I finally conceded to my wife’s wishes to get a small dog. We looked at the shelter dogs, we looked online and we talked to friends to no avail. Finally, we found this cute little Maltese, which no one wanted because she had one black-rimmed eye and one pink-rimmed eye.

We picked Lacey up at 5 months old. She was so sweet, happy and loving. It didn’t take her long to decide she was the “queen” of our house. Then we noticed she wasn’t eating quite like she used to.  After a quick look at her teeth I saw she had baby teeth that weren’t falling out. A quick trip to Dr. Jepsen for an exam confirmed malocclusion and retained deciduous teeth. We scheduled a date for an oral procedure. At her scheduled appointment we were devastated to find out the blood test came back with a possible hepatic issue. Thankfully, with the outstanding care of Dr. Jepsen at All About Pets and the wonderful team at Midwest Veterinary Specialty Hospital, Lacey is on her way to a full recovery from hepatic shunt surgery.

Most people hear “pet insurance” and say “really?” I am one those people. I spent hours researching different companies with encouragement from Dr. Jepsen. Without a doubt I made the right decision selecting Trupanion. Yes, pet insurance is a small price to pay for the pet you love if you’re ever faced with a health issue. Thank you, Trupanion!”

Bob S.

Omaha, Nebraska

Enrolled: September 2013
Condition: Congenital Liver Disease
Total Paid: $3,322.33

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