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Pet Insurance Claim of the Week: These pets ate chocolate

‘Tis the season for time spent with family, gifts, and chocolate! Scrolling through pet insurance claims from the past week, I came across many for chocolate ingestion.

Chocolate contains theorbomine and caffeine which are dangerous to both dogs and cats. These chemicals cause increased heart rate and can lead to vomiting and diarrhea. Our Chocolate Toxicity guide explains the potency of different types of chocolate.

  • Lily the Yorkie ate chocolate and experienced vomiting. $1,276 was covered for her vet bill. (Small dogs can face greater complications with chocolate)
  • Lizzie the Maltipoo had chocolate toxicity. $1,126 of her vet bill was covered.
  • Flynn the mixed-breed dog’s vet bill was over $900 and pet insurance covered $501.
  • Roscoe the mixed-breed dog had a $583 vet bill for chocolate ingestion and pet insurance covered $439.
  • Gracie the chocolate (no pun intended!) lab ate lots of chocolate and wound up with a $588 bill. Pet insurance covered $409.

There are several more claims related to chocolate, including a dog that got into a Christmas stocking and ate all of its contents (chocolate, foil, toys and all!), and a dog that ate chocolate cookies and fudge.

Treats are yummy, but be sure to keep them locked away and out of reach!

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