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Playful Dane Bears a Break

Paris - Leslie Metcalf - Image 1 “When Paris was 8 weeks old, I took her to my veterinarian for an initial visit and I inquired about pet insurance. I recently lost my Doberman to cardiomyopathy and the bills for his treatment were substantial. My veterinarian recommended Trupanion, and after I did a little research, I decided it sounded like the best fit for me.

Fast forward one year— Paris plays like there is no tomorrow, no holding back for this big happy girl, and she breaks a weight bearing toe. The toe doesn’t heal well requiring multiple splint applications, she gets a bone infection (osteomyelitis), and the problems continue.  A couple of months of treatment and over a couple of thousand dollars later (and a few holes in sheet rock from being confined to my mud room) she is just fine, fully healed and back to playing to her heart’s content. I have been amazed by how easy it has been to work with Trupanion. They have been so helpful, efficient, supportive, and very prompt with reimbursement.  I recommend them highly. It has been a pleasure to work with these folks, and I am so glad I got coverage!”

Megan F.

Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Enrolled: May 2013
Condition: Toe Fracture, Bone Infection
Total Paid: $1,763.22

Paris - Leslie Metcalf - Image 3

Paris - Leslie Metcalf - Image 2

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