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A Strong Support System Makes a Difference

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA“We adopted Molly and Jenny, two cockapoos, from their elderly owner after she passed. When she fell ill she asked if we would consider adopting them. Knowing how much we enjoyed their company, we were quick to answer yes. That is when we enrolled Molly and Jenny in Trupanion.

Molly and Jenny transitioned to their new home nicely. Several months later, we were out for a walk and Molly let out a cry. It appeared her back was hurting. We immediately took her to the emergency clinic.

They first prescribed an anti inflammatory and some pain medications but things got progressively worse. Molly needed to have an MRI. The neurologist gave us the bad news. We were both devastated and overwhelmed.

We entrusted Molly’s care into the brilliant and caring hands of Dr. Sisson at Angell Medical Center. Because of Trupanion we never had to factor in finances when we were considering our options for Molly.

It was so empowering knowing that we could do anything to help Molly. Every correspondence with Trupanion has been extremely compassionate. We really do feel that they are a group of concerned pet lovers and that they are truly pulling for Molly. With such a strong support system, a wonderful veterinarian, and the financial aid from Trupanion we have the luxury of being able to concentrate solely on Molly.

Thank you Trupanion for the important role you have played in making that possible. We are extraordinarily grateful. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to have pet insurance. If the inevitable happens it is a harsh reality that finances will impact your decisions on caring for your pet.

Molly’s journey has cost thousands of dollars but all we know is she’s priceless to us.

Thank you, Trupanion.”

John and Diane R.

West Roxbury, Massachusetts

Enrolled: May 2013
Condition: Spinal Lesion
Total Paid: $3,148.09


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