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Trupanion Reviews – Week of 12/12

Thank you so much for your coverage Joey’s emergency dental fees!!!!!! He is now back to his happy self helping me take care of the new baby. Like here where he is informing me she is in his food…..again!!! ‪#‎thankyoupaws‬ -Cathy G.

Just thought I’d share this picture taken yesterday on one of Lexi’s favourite trails, she likes to stop and just take it all in
Without the help of Trupanion she would not be there, thank you!
She has a degenerative disease called Degenerative Myelopathy which is very similar to ALS and there is no cure, it is also referred to as DM. She is pretty much paralysed in the back legs but continues to hike daily and play wheelchair fetch….. (she’s real fast) exercise is very important for DM dogs. Sadly the paralysis will slowly make it’s way up her spine to the front legs and it will get worse from there So we take it one day at a time and enjoy each and every moment! -Ellen R.


I love this insurance and tell everyone about it. It has saved me a lot of money but more than that, peace of mind. They are also the most receptive and their clarity is outstanding. Easy to use, easy to sign up and easy to figure out what you might owe or when you get a reimbursement. Bravo Trupanion! -Susan F.

From the bottom of my heart…a special THANK YOU for covering Chelsea Boxer (in front of pic) who had a torn ACL and knee surgery! Chelsea is doing well. Rest assured these two insureds receive loving care 24/7 ! Again, our thanks! -Dwan and David B. (Chandler and Chelsea)

Thank you Daddy and @Trupanion for helping me with my allergies! #trupanion #itchydog -@CInternicola

Without Trupanion I would have lost shanelle at age 8. having this insurance made the difference in affording her medication and expenses for chronic health issues she had. I would have had to put her down. She lived an amazing life till age 13. -Michal P.

Thank you Trupanion for helping Mom help me to get the surgery I need to get back to work as her Service Dog. I have important job and we still need to run our marathon 🙂 Mom had to throw in a puppy picture from my 1st Christmas with this year Christmas picture at 4 years old. -Holi T.

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