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Trupanion Reviews – Week of 12/5

Ruby miniature dachshund wants to thank Trupanion for help with her healthcare costs -Catherine U.


Am a pet lover I see post all the time about how other people’s pet insurance didn’t cover their pets illness. I am just thankful we have trupanion, you guys r awesome. I recommend trupanion to anyone I know that is looking for pet insurance. -Samantha N.

Gotta love it. Suzy just had surgery and her aftercare is both extensive and expensive. Claim submitted Monday, approved Tuesday, and the reimbursement cheque arrived Friday, just in time to start all over again with another vet visit Monday. Thank you for being efficient it certainly takes a lot of the stress out of the equation, especially this time of year. -Julz T.

Trupanion, you are the best! Thank you so much for helping us take care of our boy, Brian. -Audrey H.

Lilly told all her friends they need Trupanion insurance. -Christy R.

We just want to thank you, not only for covering 90% of our $2650.00 bill, but for the amazing customer service your staff has provided. Jordan Jessup, your Senior Claims Assistant was quick responding to my emails with a kind and caring tone (at least that’s how i read it….lol)
Kristina Crow, the claims specialist also was very nice and loved how she actually answered the phone the whole 2 times i called. I’m used to it going to voice mail and having to wait for a call back. Like everyone, I hate dealing with Ins. Co. of any kind, thank you for making our experience with you, a pleasant one. We hope you have a great holiday.
BTW you helped Bella, (the brindle aka dark, boxer) -Liza B.

Thank god for #trupanion each time my dog goes to the vet it’s usually more than this so I’m truly thankful for them. Thanks to Trupanion my Denver bear is getting all the proper treatments he needs for his road to recovery. Please get your pets on Trupanion #believe me they are literally a #life saver!!!!

Cadi and Topaz are thrilled they are covered by Trupanion! Thank you for your support of therapy pets and service animals!

We have been very pleased with the care Trupanion Dog Insurance has provided for our Shar-Pei, Dyna. I recommend this company to all with pets they love. -Carleen K.

Hi Eva, I don’t work for trupanion but I have my pet covered by them. I want to let you know this company is beyond amazing! It is legit when they say they pay 90%. My cat has had cancer twice and most recently had to have her leg amputated and they paid 90%. I would be in a really bad spot financially if it wasn’t for this wonderful company. Not only do they pay what they say, the checks come quickly. -Stacy D.

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