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5 pets who should stay home this Friday the 13th

black cat

These cats and dogs have a history of bad luck, and should probably lay low this Friday the 13th. Luckily they had medical insurance coverage and are well on their way to recovery. Paws crossed they avoid this bad luck in the future!

5 pets with bad luck

  1. Kali couldn’t figure out how to knock on wood to ward off bad luck, so she ate it instead. The Shetland sheepdog got a sliver stuck in the back of her throat.
  2. In search of a lucky wishbone to turn his luck around, Skye, the Wire Fox Terrier, went the extra mile and gobbled up an entire cooked chicken. Cooked bones can easily splinter, and to Skye’s dismay, he had to go to the veterinarian for surgery.
  3. A Cocker Spaniel from Massachusetts, who wishes to remain anonymous, became very unlucky once his family moved him to an apartment on the grounds of a supposedly haunted psychiatric facility. When he refused to enter the apartment and acted strange on walks around the grounds, his owners took him to the veterinarian.
  4. Bailey was in for it the moment a glass butter dish shattered. Though it wasn’t a mirror, it might as well have been. This Labrador Retriever ate the entire dish, which led to hospital visit.
  5. As a black cat, Morgan felt invincible to bad luck…until he swallowed some string. He had to go through a thread of veterinary treatments to get it surgically removed.

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