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Office Petiquette: Wipe Your Paws

With it being the wet season, be it rain or snow, we all know how much mud and dirt can accumulate on our pets’ paws after going outdoors. The grounds outside of the Trupanion office and especially inside the courtyard

Office Petiquette: Minimize Distractions

With pets comes distraction. It’s natural and expected. I mean, who can resist giving attention to that cute face? However, the line can quickly become crossed from cute-distracting to unproductive-distracting. As a pet owner that brings a pet to work,

Office Petiquette: Respect for Coworkers

If you’re lucky enough to get to bring your pet to work like us, there are some basic guidelines that everyone should follow, whether or not they have been formally addressed. Everything boils down to respect for your coworkers (and

Office Petiquette: Dogs Don’t Hold Grudges

Once in a while, your dog or someone else’s dog may get into a scuffle with another dog. They might “argue” over toys or treats or have a play session that gets too rough. We can do our best to

Office Petiquette: Valuable Resources

One thing that’s important to be aware of for any situation involving multiple dogs is the way that they view resources. Some treats, toys, and food are viewed as very high value, so a dog will do everything it can