About Emily

Emily Lux is the proud pet parent of Fiona (a 1-year-old Kerry Blue Terrier), Finnegan (a 3-year-old Kerry Blue rescue) and Moonie (a persnickety 11-year-old pug). Emily is the guiding force behind EHL Creative LLC., a copywriting, marketing and promotions company dedicated to helping pet businesses succeed. Visit ehlcreative.com for more details.  And check out her blog, In the Bloghouse, at ehlcreaive.com/blog which provides marketing tips and tools specially tailored for pet businesses.

Twitter: @EHLCreative
Facebook: EHL Creative
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/ehlcreative
Blog: ehlcreative.com/blog

Emily is a guest blogger for the Trupanion blog. Check out her weekly column, “Kerried Away” and follow the life of her two Kerry Blue Terriers.

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