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Akvile is an avid fan of surfing on snow, on water, and the web! Growing up in NY, she moved to Seattle a few years ago and has found her happiness here, where she can do all of the above. Aside from working during the week in the Trupanion office, she has her hands full being the mother of Batman, her massive-eared mini schnauzer who is a cuddle monster by day and super hero by night. She enjoys traveling, wakeboarding, snowboarding, camping, painting, and DJ'ing for fun.

Dog Puzzle Toys

Many of our pets love a challenge! Whether it is learning a trick or playing with a puzzle toy, dogs not only enjoy learning but it is mentally stimulating and healthy for them. A constructively busy pet also won’t be

Pet Health Concerns: Esophageal Achalasia

Esophageal achalasia is a serious digestive condition that occurs in both cats and dogs. With this condition, the esophagus walls in the throat fail to relax enough to allow food to pass properly. With food having difficulty getting down to

Pet Health Concerns: Epiphora

Epiphora is a condition in which tears overflow onto the face . Occurring in both cats and dogs, however more frequently in flat faced cats, this condition is thought to be caused by inflammation or irritation of the eye, which

Spring Time Dog Adventures

Happy first day of May everyone! Now that spring time has fully arrived, do you plan on spending more time outdoors with your pets? Our office dogs love going out to our office courtyard to play together in the sun.

Pet Health Concerns: Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a recurring seizure disorder which occurs in not only humans, but cats and dogs as well. Seizures are caused by improper neuron activity by misfiring in the cerebrum portion of the brain. These seizures can be classified as