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Trupanion's Blog is dedicated to help educate people with pet insurance and pet health information, but more importantly, to have fun!

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Customer Care Advocate
Emma has been a Customer and Pet Advocate now for over a year, so you may have spoken with her on the phone before. She loves animals (especially dogs) and loves to write from experience. She enjoys hearing the stories and experiences of people and their pets, and also considers herself somewhat of a story collector. Emma lives in Seattle with her rescue dog Georgie, an adorable Italian Greyhound/ Rat Terrier mix.

Tips for Introducing Dogs to Cats

Since not all animals want to be friends with each other, the internet may have given us a false expectation of the potential for animal friendships with pictures cheetahs and golden retrievers cuddling up with their pals. We all know

From Mama Ruth to Petra

I am often inspired by the policyholders I talk to on the phone at work here. I recently spoke with Petra’s dad to sign her up for our coverage, and he sent me some adorable pictures of her. It made