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Boarding Your Pet for the First Time? A Quick Guide to Making this a Smooth Process

Boarding your furry family member for the first time may mean the first time both of you are apart from each other. It might just be your pet’s first time away from home. Unless your pet is extremely well-adjusted, this

Six Cat Behaviors to Be Aware of with a First Time Feline

If you are preparing to bring a cat or kitten into your household and have never had one before, there are some behaviors you should be aware of. This can help you as an owner to know when there are problems

Why Do We Treat Dogs Like Humans?

The bond between man and dog has been one that has lasted for thousands of years; however, we very rarely ask why. Why do we call dogs ‘man’s best friend?’ Why are we so inclined to treat our dogs like

Jaxon the dog’s pet insurance story for a cruciate ligament

Jaxon is a one year old Cane Corso who suddenly began limping after playing. I thought that he just ran too hard at the dog park, but after the limp continued a couple days Jaxon was taken to the vet.

Is Your Dog Sneezing or Sniffling? 4 Signs You Need a Vet

Can Dogs Get Colds? Is your dog sniffling and sneezing? Is he or she showing symptoms of the dog flu? Just like their human companions, dogs can “catch a cold.” A virus like a cold can usually be treated at