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6 Tips for a First-Time Dog Owner

Bringing a dog into your home can bring about more changes than you can ever possibly imagine. Along with the responsibility of caring for a new dog comes the effort you’ll need to get them off on the right paw.

Service Animals: Symbiosis in Action

Humans and their pets have symbiotic relationships: we are rhinos and oxpeckers, clownfish and sea anemones. By and large we humans see ourselves as the dominant of the partnership. We do buy the food and carry around the crinkly plastic

How to Pet-Proof Your Garden

Like it or not, when you bring a new pet into the home you can no longer call your garden your own: it is, at best, a shared space where you and your pet can relax and play, but your

Lost and Electronically Found: High-Tech Tips to Find Lost Pets

Nothing makes the world feel quite so big as the moment that you notice that man’s best friend has gone missing. When it comes to a lost pet, the possibilities are endless—and that’s an overwhelming observation as you start the

How to Design Your Home for a Happy Pet

Being around nonthreatening animals, domesticated or otherwise, calms humans. The reason for this seems buried in our prehistory: Back then if we were around other creatures and all was peaceful, that meant predators weren’t lurking nearby, about to pounce on