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DOGTV for Stay at Home Dogs

Being a good pet owner means being attentive to all of your animal’s needs, and dogs, just like people, can have fairly complex emotional needs. Of course physical health is a priority,  but what about tending to your dog’s more … Continue reading

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5 Tips for Calming Your Pet at the Vet

Most pet owners know that bringing their furry family member to the vet can certainly be a challenge. Just like humans are sometimes afraid of going to the doctor, undergoing tests and being poked and prodded by strange instruments can … Continue reading

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5 Most Common Health Ailments in Dogs

Dogs are not just pets. They are furry companions, slobbering sidekicks, and the perfect complement to any family. So naturally, dog owners do everything in their power to keep Rover happy, healthy, and resilient. Preventative measures make a difference in … Continue reading

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The Best Way To Remove A Tick From Your Pup

Although cats are often described as the mortal enemy of the average dog, dog owners know the real enemy is the tick. These tiny bugs can latch onto your dog with devastating health effects. Let’s take a look at the … Continue reading

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Four Helpful Tips For Keeping You and Your Dog Healthy

Protecting the health of your dog is an important job for owners who take the responsibility of caring for a pet. In addition to merely keeping your pets healthy, there are ways that you can nurture you dog that simultaneously … Continue reading

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BOLO…Be On the Look Out! One puppy will change the way you see the world

As co-owners of Dog is Good, Jon and I have focused on several core values to grow our small business. One of those values is to be socially responsible and philanthropic. Earlier this year, we were approached by the Director … Continue reading

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Tuna the Great Dane’s Pet Insurance Story

A few weeks ago our Great Dane Tuna started limping.  We were watching him and we thought it was a soft tissue injury, the limp seemed to go away, and then it became worse.  We made an appointment with our … Continue reading

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Fun for Fido: What Every New Dog Owner Needs

Getting a new dog is always exciting, but there are some things all dog owners must have, and certain preparations that need to be taken care of before bringing your dog home. You want to make sure you have all … Continue reading

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4 Tips for Getting Your Pet Ready for the Holiday Season

Spending the holidays with your pet is the perfect way to enjoy the season. However, it is important to keep in mind that the holidays can be stressful for pets as they are introduced to new visitors and may need … Continue reading

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Infographic: Veterinarians in Short Supply

Here is an interesting infographic with facts about pets in the US, vet visits, and veterinarians. This data visualization was brought to you by Brown Mackie.

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