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Articles by Samantha

The Reasoning Behind Cat Whiskers

This blog post comes from Caren Gittleman from Cat Chat! Why Do Cats Have Whiskers? Wondering why cats have whiskers? What purpose do they serve? The definition of “Whiskers” by “petplace.com”…. “whiskers or vibrissae serve as delicate sense organs of

Cat insurance for American Curl Cats!

It looks like the American Curl breed began in June 1981 in California. Grace Ruga randomly had two cats appear on her front doorstep one day and she named one of them Shulamith (the other cat ran off). Shulamith gave

Cat insurance for Obese Cats

So as many of you know, obesity can be quite easy for a cat, especially an indoor cat. Some indoor cats like to lounge on the couch or curl right up next to you. Some hours of the day are

Cat Insurance for Abyssinian Cats!

The history of the Abyssinian cats rumored to have began in Egypt. It has been said that the breed started off with a sacred Egyptian cat named Zula who was brought from a British soldier back to England. Regardless of

Cat Poo Coffee, Yum?

I was taking a look at the MSN homepage and something caught my eye. Under popular searches, there was a search for  “Cat Poo Coffee.” Of course, I had to click on it! In the article by NYDailyNews, the most