Pet Health & Tips

5 Tips For Caring For You Pet When They Are Sick

Pets suffer illnesses just as humans do. Serious ones require help from a veterinarian and sometimes hospitalization. However, many times you may find yourself in the position of caring for less serious illnesses or recovery periods at home. Here are … Continue reading

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Searching for Fido: Tips for Getting a Lost Dog Home

When you adopt a dog, they’re more than just an animal, they become part of your family. Unfortunately, family dogs get lost every day in the United States, but following the right steps helps ensure that you get your lost … Continue reading

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How to Get Your Dog to Stop Drooling

Dogs and drooling often seem to go together like cats and purring. But that nasty drool can get everywhere, making it a real mess to clean up. Not only that, but sometimes a dog’s drooling can be so excessive that … Continue reading

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5 Tips to Keep Your Furry Friend in Good Health

You want your furry friends to be healthy, but sometimes it is hard to know what they need and even how they are feeling. Knowing  how to properly care for your companion can be a full-time effort so don’t take … Continue reading

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Ways to Keep your Furry Friend Healthy on a Budget

Animals are wonderful companions and often become part of the family. While they are wonderful, they can also be a costly family addition. Handling money wisely in all areas of life is a learned skill, and there are many ways … Continue reading

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13 Small Dog Breeds for Apartments

Dog lovers know what life is like without a dog: quiet, boring, and no wiggle butt to greet you when you get home. Living in an apartment may limit our options for pets, whether they restrict pets altogether or only … Continue reading

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Packing for a Doggie Day Trip

Spring weather means temperate weather, fields of wildflowers—and growing wanderlust. As the weather warms, we always feel ourselves tugged by the urge to travel with our dogs, including great day trips close to home. We love exploring back roads, parks, … Continue reading

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Pearly Whites: How to Keep Your Pet’s Teeth and Gums Healthy

A healthy pet is a happy pet, but one place that pet owners often overlook when it comes to good health is the teeth and gums area. Proper care of your pet’s teeth and gums can prevent disease, prevent bad … Continue reading

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Social Butterflies – The Dos and Donts of Properly Socializing Your Puppy

Just like people, puppies are not born knowing how to play nice with others. Your new, furry companion is going to look to you to learn how to make friends, human and canine alike. Starting early will help prevent things … Continue reading

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Healthy Pet: 6 Common Yet Dangerous Health Symptoms That Pet Owners Often Ignore

The health of our pets is important to us, yet there are some signs of possible health issues that may be easy to overlook. It might be easy to dismiss these health issues as behavioral changes that are nothing to … Continue reading

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