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Teaching your dog to swim

Taking a quick dip or splashing around in the surf is a great way for dogs to cool off during the summer months. But besides being lots of fun, swimming can also be really beneficial to your dog’s health and

6 Tips for a First-Time Dog Owner

Bringing a dog into your home can bring about more changes than you can ever possibly imagine. Along with the responsibility of caring for a new dog comes the effort you’ll need to get them off on the right paw.

Do you really know your cat?

We all like to think we know our feline friends really well, but they’re far more complex than we think. It’s a common mistake to view your cat’s behavior from the eyes of a human.  Over enthusiastic cuddles, eye contact

Everything to Know About Dog Poop

By, Dr. Oscar E Chavez BVetMed MRCVS MBA It’s not glamorous, but as responsible pet parents we do it every day – we pick up our pets’ poop! Do you ever wonder what our dogs think about our obsession with cleaning up

6 Questions to Ask Your Breeder

If you’re looking to bring home a puppy or kitten from a dog breeder or cat breeder, you’ll want to do your research to be sure you adopt from a reputable breeder. We asked the cat and dog breeders in our