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A Different Perspective: Why the Veterinary Community Should Open Up to Medical Insurance for Cats and Dogs

George Bailey and his wife, Sonnya Dennis, DVM, DABVP, have co-owned and managed AHAA accredited Stratham-Newfields Veterinary Hospital in Newfields, New Hampshire since 1996. The boutique veterinary hospital serves cat and dog owners across the region. “With no boarding, grooming,

Trupanion Trends: Study finds Link between Pet Health and Drinking Water

We commonly receive claims for conditions related to pet urinary health. The most common we see are urinary tract infections, cystitis, urinary obstruction, and crystalluria for cats and urinary tract infections, incontinence, cystitis, and crystalluria for dogs. When we looked deeper

10 Household Items that Could Poison your Pet

National Poison Prevention Week is this month, highlighting the dangers of accidental poisonings and how to prevent them. Despite an effort to spread awareness about poisons, we have still paid over $2.9 million in claims for toxicity and poisoning in dogs

4 Secrets to Making Your Dog’s Coat Shiny and Healthy

It doesn’t matter if your dog has long hair, a smooth coat or is a wire-haired breed of dog, you want its coat to look luxurious and shiny. Shiny hair is healthy hair, whereas a dull coat can indicate some

5 Pet Poisons Found in Your Purse

Over the past 3 years, we’ve paid over $2.9 million in claims for toxicity and poisoning in dogs and cats, and suprisingly, many of the substances most toxic to pets can be found in the purse hanging on your arm. We