Cat Health & Tips

Five Great Tips for Traveling with Pets

A family vacation is so much more fun when the four-legged family members are included. Of course, several factors must be considered before booking a room for Fluffy or Fido. Here are five of the top tips for traveling with … Continue reading

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Infographic: 10 Common and Expensive Dog and Cat Injuries and Illnesses

What are some expensive dog and cat injuries and illnesses? What do they cost? In our newest infographic, we’ve laid out some real-life Trupanion claim examples to give you an idea of what some dogs and cats may face in … Continue reading

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Should You Consider Adopting a Cat from a Pet Shelter?

Cats are certainly at the very top of the pet popularity charts and it seems that this trend isn’t going to change in the near future. However, the problem is that pet shelters are overflowing with abandoned cats due to … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk About Heartworms

The following public service announcement is brought to you by Ronita Pitts of Absolutely Affordable Pet Supplies. ONE little bite: One encounter with a transmitting mosquito and it all begins for our beloved pet. Heartworms are one of the most … Continue reading

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Pet Safety 101: Six Issues You Should Know About

Unfortunately, so many dangers exist in the world for our furry little friends. Since we love them like children, we want to make sure that we are keeping them safe. The following are six things any concerned pet owner should … Continue reading

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5 Terms to Know on Pet Food Labels

Every loving pet owner wants the best for their dog or cat. A considerable piece of that puzzle is a healthy, reliable diet. That being said, with so many pet food companies competing for people’s business, it’s important to arm … Continue reading

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What to Do When You Have A Destructive Cat

Who doesn’t love an adorable little cat? These sweet faces have plenty of love to give, but sometimes, your pets can start to act a bit destructive. What steps can you take when your cat starts to misbehave or even … Continue reading

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Useful Tips for Cat Owners

Taking care of a cat is similar to being a dog owner in many ways. Proper medical check-ups and vaccinations, a healthy diet, and plenty of affection are staples of a lasting bond between pet and person. Cats do exhibit … Continue reading

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Being a Responsible Pet Owner

Choosing which adorable puppy or kitten to take home with you is not the hardest part about being a pet owner, unfortunately. Very real responsibilities make themselves known once the life of another creature relies on you from day to … Continue reading

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Tips for Adopting a Pet

It’s a very exciting time when you decide to adopt a dog or cat. You’re adding a new member to the family, you get to watch the animal grow and develop, and there’s lots of time to play and cuddle. … Continue reading

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