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Cat Health & Tips

5 Tips to Help Your Pet Have a Long and Healthy Life

For many people in this world, their pets truly represent a best friend. You want your own beloved pal to have a long and healthy life. However, certain animals are prone to specific diseases. Since animals can’t speak, we need

Keep Your Pet’s Summer Itch-Free with Flea Control for Cats

Summer can be a dreaded time of year when it comes to dealing with fleas on your cat. Knowing your sweet kitty is itching and scratching is bad, but things can get even worse when the fleas jump from your

Consider Your Pet’s Safety While You’re at Work

Any pet owner will tell you that our pets are family. They are our furry, four-legged children, and there are few things with the potential to be quite as nerve-wracking as leaving our children alone and unattended at home. Unfortunately,

The Cat-Dog Condundrum: Sharing A Harmonious Home

Are you an animal lover who wants to bring a furry new family member home, but you’re afraid a new cat or dog might fight with your existing pet like . . . cats and dogs? Seventeen percent of Americans

Stress Insurance for Animal Lovers – 5 Things worth Investing In!

So you’ve made the life changing decision of buying a pet. You’ve returned home and taken the time to fuss and play with your furry friend. Then reality sets in. The little pup or kitten decides that it simply has