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Cat Health & Tips

A Beginners Guide To Kittens

Kittens can make extremely cute pets, and they will bring love and care into any household. They may be a lot of work in their first few months, but once your kitten is big and strong enough to fend for

State pot laws could be making pets sick

When it comes to marijuana, it’s easy to find a wide variety of opinions. Some feel it should be legal, others see it as a dangerous gateway drug. Some use it to treat pain while others… well, not so much.

Things to Consider When Choosing Food for Your Pet

Families like to choose a pet for different reasons. Some want the companionship while others want the children to learn responsibility by caring for a pet. Whatever the reason for getting a pet, the animal itself has certain requirements in

5 Tips to Help Your Pet Have a Long and Healthy Life

For many people in this world, their pets truly represent a best friend. You want your own beloved pal to have a long and healthy life. However, certain animals are prone to specific diseases. Since animals can’t speak, we need

Keep Your Pet’s Summer Itch-Free with Flea Control for Cats

Summer can be a dreaded time of year when it comes to dealing with fleas on your cat. Knowing your sweet kitty is itching and scratching is bad, but things can get even worse when the fleas jump from your